Setting Custom Goals in Target Standard

Today we’ll talk about setting up custom page load goals in Adobe Target Standard without limiting yourself to the out-of-the-box functionality. The problem I was having was that sometimes a page will load and the URL will persist. Sometimes it’s through AJAX or other times it just by nature (set by cookie, for instance). I needed […]

How to Load Adobe Target Standard in Adobe DTM

Update: Adobe Target Standard can now be loaded into Dynamic Tag Manager via the “Load Synchronously” option within the Adobe Target tool options: I haven’t yet tested to see if it works – but it sounds like it’s close to an equivalent of a Page Load Rule that just fires off in the header with some […]

Bounce Rate High? It Might Not Be You!

Bounce rate too high? It may not be as serious as you think! Let’s start off by defining what “too high” means. For most sites, a bounce rate over 50% is a sign of trouble. For blogs, one can be over 65% simply because RSS feeds lure people into viewing only one page and then […]