About Me


I’m Jim Gordon. I am a digital analytics consultant based in Atlanta with over a decade of experience with analytics strategy, implementation, and helping organizations become more results-driven. Contact me on LinkedIn or reach out via email.

A little bit about me…

Born: Atlanta, GA
Raised: Atlanta, GA
Current: Atlanta, GA

School: Clemson University
Major: Industrial Engineering

Things I enjoy: grilling, gaming, college football, and making stuff out of code

Things I built: Adobe Launch debugger Tagtician & the DTM/Launch Cheat Sheets


What I do

I enjoy all aspects of analytics but typically find myself working on implementations the most. That often ends up being the subject of my blog posts, as well. I take things I don’t enjoy doing as a practitioner, build tools, and write blog posts so others (including myself) can get to the fun stuff faster. During the day, I lead implementation at Search Discovery. However, over the past decade I’ve also specialized in data visualization, analysis, and report automation.