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What I learned working analytics at a “fixer-upper”

I think any analytics professional who has worked in consulting has run into these clients. There’s one person in the company who wants to be incredibly data-driven. How do we do this? Let’s bring in the experts who can lead us to data-driven nirvana. I LOVED these clients. You can spit in any direction and hit… Read More »

Went Missing

Hey folks – It’s been a little while since I’ve posted. There’s a reason for that. I’ve actually moved from the lovely state of Virginia to the lively city of Memphis. We’re still actually in the process of unpacking and unboxing, but we’re just about to crest this hurdle. With this move, it’s also weird… Read More »

Why Ello Won’t Kill Facebook

Don’t get me wrong – I would love to see an actual “Facebook killer”. Even Ello‘s founder (Paul Budnitz) says it isn’t meant to necessarily compete with Facebook because it is a completely different product (“a social network as opposed to an advertising platform”). Shots fired! Fitting – Budnitz kind of looks like a hipster… Read More »

Prediction: The Future of Cookies in Digital Analytics

I don’t often get to talk about the future of digital analytics. Over the past few years I’ve put quite a bit of thought into what the future may look like. It feels like a golden age of tracking right now (at least in North America) – everyone is using cookies, we’re tying together online/offline data, bridging… Read More »

Neat! My website has a trend!

So I’ve run novelty websites before that have gotten way more traffic than this, but for my personal site I’m pretty pumped to see that there is actually a visible (predictable) traffic trend! Not just that, but most of them speak English – so hopefully most of them aren’t robots! Some of the most popular articles… Read More »

What, Like I’m Supposed to Post Something?

Wow, what a hiatus! 1 year. Let’s take a look at this year in review. New job New city New state New website I’m out of news. Let’s pick things back up but not quite where we left off. I plan on elevating this guy to 15,000 feet. Since I’m no longer in consulting, I… Read More »

The Latest Google Analytics Changes

Sometimes I’m using Google Analytics and every time I reload the page… the interface changes. Google has now merged what was the “Home” dashboards (Real-Time, Intelligence Events, etc) into what was the “Standard Reports”… or is that vice versa? So everything is consolidated, which makes total sense now. Why should the Dashboards, Real-Time, and Intelligence… Read More »