August 2017 Web Analytics Wednesday in Atlanta

So I haven’t made a blog post in a while – been a little busy with Tagtician and the move back to Atlanta. Posting on my site has taken somewhat of a back seat lately. In an effort to make my life more difficult, I’m also interested in building the culture of analytics in Atlanta. […]

Neat! My website has a trend!

So I’ve run novelty websites before that have gotten way more traffic than this, but for my personal site I’m pretty pumped to see that there is actually a visible (predictable) traffic trend! Not just that, but most of them speak English – so hopefully most of them aren’t robots! Some of the most popular articles […]

Working on a Big-Ass Project

Sorry my content has been pretty sparse lately. I’m working on a big-ass personal project that is demanding my thought cycles. I’ll have much more to post once we move into beta.

What, Like I’m Supposed to Post Something?

Wow, what a hiatus! 1 year. Let’s take a look at this year in review. New job New city New state New website I’m out of news. Let’s pick things back up but not quite where we left off. I plan on elevating this guy to 15,000 feet. Since I’m no longer in consulting, I […]

The Latest Google Analytics Changes

Sometimes I’m using Google Analytics and every time I reload the page… the interface changes. Google has now merged what was the “Home” dashboards (Real-Time, Intelligence Events, etc) into what was the “Standard Reports”… or is that vice versa? So everything is consolidated, which makes total sense now. Why should the Dashboards, Real-Time, and Intelligence […]