How to Load Adobe Target Standard in Adobe DTM

Update: Adobe Target Standard can now be loaded into Dynamic Tag Manager via the “Load Synchronously” option within the Adobe Target tool options:

target standard in dtm

I haven’t yet tested to see if it works – but it sounds like it’s close to an equivalent of a Page Load Rule that just fires off in the header with some fancy synchronization details added to it.

Thanks for the heads up, ddub!


Old Post:

I’m one of the few clients who solely uses Adobe Target Standard. We literally could not find one other client who uses just the Standard package. That said, we were also one of the first to implement the TMS in Adobe DTM. First of all, why do we care about integrating this product into DTM? Target Standard isn’t yet flexible like maybe Advanced or Optimizely. In fact, it’s incredibly rigid. In its current state, the platform is designed for users who want to test one single landing page. We see many cases where we are trying to serve Target Standard to segments that aren’t supported out-of-the-box by the tool (we’ll get into that in another post). We want to use DTM to supplement some of its shortfalls. Before we jump into how it’s done, let’s go over what DOESN’T work:

  • Putting the code (that one-liner they provide) into DTM’s native integration of Adobe Target
  • Putting the code into a page load rule that loads at the header (sync or async, global or non-global)

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s go over how you should implement it. How to Implement Target Standard in Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager Step 1 – Add Target Tool Add Adobe Target to DTM with the “Add a Tool” button on your dashboard: Step 2 – Add a Comment Enter Adobe Target’s tool settings: target dashboard   Click on “Open Editor” and type this in: code editor   If you can’t read it from the image, it’s an open/close comment. For the lazy, copy and paste this:

/* */

Okay, now save everything and go back to your dashboard. Step 3 – Add a Page Load Rule Now we want to add the Target code to the site. Create a blank Page Load rule that loads at the TOP of the page: target page load The rule above is set to load the Target Standard code on every single page of the site (where DTM exists). Scroll down to the Third Party Scripts section and add a Sequential JS script that executes globally (see checkbox). Paste your script in this window: target script Save everything. Test it. Approve it. Publish it. You’re done. Simple enough. Next steps: convince Adobe to add it to their support portal.

4 thoughts on “How to Load Adobe Target Standard in Adobe DTM”

  1. This seems to work. Using the Adobe Target tool option to host the mbox.js doesn’t seem to actually load the target.js file…

    • DTM doesn’t yet natively support Target Standard, unfortunately. It should support the Target Advanced library, though I haven’t had the opportunity to try it out.

  2. DTM natively supports Target Standard now. In the Target Tool there is a “Load Adobe Target Library synchronously” option which will load the mbox.js at the top of the page and support every type of mbox call known to man.


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