My Secret Sauce: Building a Forgettable Donation Form

A big part of my job over the past 2 years has been managing a single donation form. During this time I’ve operationalized the A/B testing program and turned our focus from the “big and sexy” to… well… boring and iterative. It’s not all that bad, though! We’ve grown our revenue substantially each year – largely attributed to […]

Do Everything Twice… At Least.

This title sounds a little sensationalist. Before I jump into it – I want to deescalate the title. Don’t do LITERALLY everything twice. Do things you CARE about twice (that’s what she said). Since working on my independent project (a web app), I’ve found that every decision I have made I’ve had to go back and […]

(Not Provided) Keyword Is Reaching Critical Mass!

Really, Google? It was already the #1 keyword in all of my keyword reports. Now you’re saying it’s going to GROW?! Can we at least talk about this? Maybe negotiate a little? No? Okay, well forget you. I’ll figure out my own way to get around this issue. Let’s outline the problem we want to […]