Adobe Summit Guide for Newbies

Adobe Summit for Newbies

The 2024 Adobe Summit will be maybe my 10th Adobe Summit? 12th? Can’t remember, doesn’t matter. What matters is I’ve pretty much done everything. I’ve stayed in AirBNBs, other strip hotels, gone without a pass, been to pretty much every restaurant at the Venetian, walked through every booth, been to the Bash. The point is: … Read more

Where’s all this AI stuff heading?

AI Stuff

This is a post about AI. Everything I’m about to write is incorrect. However, barring some overreaching legislation, I am confident it’s accurate. If that doesn’t pique your interest, I don’t blame you. My article on AEP Datasets is coming out soon enough. If you look at my last 4 or 5 thought pieces, you … Read more



The Digital Analytics Association (DAA) announced today (Jan. 8, 2024) that they are shutting down operations. This marks the end of an era. According to their email: We have seen decreased community engagement with DAA over the past few years, and, in turn, decreased funding, so we must close. This comes after (anecdotally) lackluster attendance … Read more

The Dawn of the Authenticated Internet

Times are changing. Stuff is… harder. More complex. In particular, with the advent of generative AI, LLMs, and all those other words/abbreviations that basically mean “robots that know more than you, think faster than you, and can do stuff for you.” As we approach this new era of technology, I want to get practical. Robots … Read more

My Shoes Don’t Have Laces

My Shoes Don't Have Laces

The title feels like clickbait, but it’s so ridiculous it could be. So… I don’t wear shoelaces. There are a few exceptions like a few pairs of formal shoes I’ve had in my closet that I wear a few times per year – but every other occasion? Nah. I’ve been working out barefoot for years … Read more

Analytics Needs a Culture Change

Analytics Needs a Culture Change

This is a tough one. It’s difficult to take a critical look at your career – your life – over the past 20 years and see the direction of an industry pivot in a direction that forces you to take a step back and ask whether it is sustainable. A lot has changed over the … Read more

The Modern Digital Analytics Existential Crisis

The Modern Digital Analytics Existential Crisis

This article title isn’t clickbait but instead a thought exercise. It’s something I’ve been trying to mentally reconcile for quite a while without much direction. In fact, I started mulling over this right around the time I posted about bot traffic. Our industry will never go away. There will always be jobs… so why is … Read more

You’re Buying Bots: An Inconvenient Truth

You're Buying Bots

There could be a major problem that very few people even know about: companies are likely paying for 90%+ non-human traffic. I will not name specific advertising platform; but I’ll say if you have any kind of media budget you’re using them (mostly display and social). We’re not talking about 1 platform – we’re talking … Read more

Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) Dictionary

Adobe Experience Platform Dictionary

Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) introduces a lot of new stuff that can be tricky for folks to wrap their head around (including myself). When you look at Adobe’s documentation and presentations, they’re very buttoned up and often use industry jargon. This makes sense – it’s an enterprise selling to enterprises. Unfortunately, that’s not how my … Read more