Fuller, Go Easy on the Semantic Dialog Boxes!

In the beginning, things were just OK. Everyone accepted this until the great designer had a bright idea and decided things should be OK GREAT! This tickled humans because OK GREAT was much more exciting than OK. OK was still acceptable – so was ACCEPT – but people began to feel OK wasn’t enough.

“We want some personality” they said.

“OK just isn’t enough” others remarked.

Eventually – nothing was OK. It was all OK GREAT. Like any gateway drug, OK GREAT eventually began to feel like OK. They needed more than OK GREAT – they wanted something that SOUNDS GREAT. This SOUNDS GREAT but eventually someone said “LET’S DO THIS!” And they did. Then came “I CAN’T WAIT! LET’S GET STARTED!” Those who didn’t conform were lured with compliments and invited to “COME ON IN”:

Come on In

At the end of the day, no one was OK.


Relax, I know what I'm doing

Everyone wanted to be so different and so unique that it actually became a novelty to be just OK. It might be tough to ACCEPT, but maybe we don’t have to be OK. At the same time – maybe slimming down to the basics will make things more friendly, intuitive, and acceptable. Being unique is a good thing and personality adds depth; but expression through button dialog is shallow regardless of the message. Keep it simple and realize it’s OK to be OK.



For those of you who don’t get the article title clearly also haven’t seen Home Alone:


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