The Dawn of the Authenticated Internet

Times are changing. Stuff is… harder. More complex. In particular, with the advent of generative AI, LLMs, and all those other words/abbreviations that basically mean “robots that know more than you, think faster than you, and can do stuff for you.” As we approach this new era of technology, I want to get practical. Robots … Read more

You’re Buying Bots: An Inconvenient Truth

You're Buying Bots

There could be a major problem that very few people even know about: companies are likely paying for 90%+ non-human traffic. I will not name specific advertising platform; but I’ll say if you have any kind of media budget you’re using them (mostly display and social). We’re not talking about 1 platform – we’re talking … Read more

Have You Checked Yourself for Bots Lately?

It’s embarrassing. It leaves a stain and a foul odor. You finally got yourself checked and then you saw it… Bots. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Other people suffer from Bots, too. Not sure what Bots are? You may already be a victim. It’s the silent killer of bounce rate… germs that make you feel like a million sessions … Read more