The Analytics GPS

Create incremental value with analytics using a GPS

I use my GPS almost every day. The whole concept of a GPS is fascinating. The way they work is that 3 satellites measure the distance between their position and your position. This calculates your 2D position (latitude and longitude). Google Maps only needs your 2D position to tell you where you are and where […]

Do Everything Twice… At Least.

This title sounds a little sensationalist. Before I jump into it – I want to deescalate the title. Don’t do LITERALLY everything twice. Do things you CAREĀ about twice (that’s what she said). Since working on my independent project (a web app), I’ve found that every decision I have made I’ve had to go back and […]

Analysis Begins With Implementation

Analysis begins with your implementation. I’m not talking about making sure your data is being collected properly. Let’s assume it is. What I am saying is if you aren’t thinking about how your traffic MIGHT behave during your implementation, you are missing out on an entire new (deeper) level of analysis. Think beyond click tags. […]