Adobe AEP Guide: Schema Fields

Schema Fields AEP Guide

This is my follow-up to my last post about AEP Schemas. In this post, we go into specific fields in a schema. We’re going to go into gory detail. I want to direct you to Adobe’s own documentation on this, too. It’s pretty good but doesn’t quite go as deep or hypothetical as I’d like … Read more

Adobe AEP Guide: Schemas

AEP Schema Guide

This is my first article in my upcoming series of AEP guides. Before we start – it’s all been said before. There’s already the Adobe documentation and an older article from Bounteous. My goal for this series is to help AEP concepts make way more sense to front-end technical marketers at the risk of leaving … Read more

Adobe Analytics & CJA in Google Tag Manager (via Web SDK)

GTM to AA and CJA

Ever want to know how to implement AA & CJA in GTM via WebSDK? Okay, that’s a lot of abbreviations. Maybe this time in English – do you wanna send data to Adobe from Google Tag Manager? Yes? Wonderful! Let’s go through the steps to do that. Step 1: Create a Schema You should be … Read more