Adobe AEP Guide: Datastreams

AEP Guide Data Streams

Let’s get straight to the point. Datastreams make sure data gets from your source (like a website) to your destination (like AEP). A datastream can also transform your data from ugly to pretty (or bad to good) with the Edit Mapping feature (AKA “Data Prep”). Additionally, the Edit Mapping section (Data Prep) lets you pass … Read more

AEP Debugging Tips

AEP Debugging Tips

I’m really sinking my teeth into Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) and wanted to share a few quick tips about debugging AEP that I’ve found helpful. If you’re reading this, you are probably already using the AEP Debugger. I also recommend checking out David Vallejo’s Analytics Debugger, which is an awesome AEP object explorer. Anyway, I … Read more

Adobe Analytics & CJA in Google Tag Manager (via Web SDK)

GTM to AA and CJA

Ever want to know how to implement AA & CJA in GTM via WebSDK? Okay, that’s a lot of abbreviations. Maybe this time in English – do you wanna send data to Adobe from Google Tag Manager? Yes? Wonderful! Let’s go through the steps to do that. Step 1: Create a Schema You should be … Read more