Adventures with Adobe Target Standard

Hello adventurers, welcome to our first installment of Adventures with Adobe Target Standard! Not familiar with Adobe Target Standard? It’s an A/B Testing tool designed to be simple enough that “even a marketer can use it!” Poor marketers – always being used as a hyperbole for the lowest common denominator. I sometimes wonder what the generic “Marketer” job description would be…


Job Title: Marketer


  • < 1 year internet experience required
  • Must display corporate buzzword familiarity with valid use cases
  • Must not be able to read an instruction manual (illiteracy is preferred)
  • Candidates must not show strong desire to learn


So this Adobe Target Standard thing – honestly? It’s a beta product. That’s being generous. I broke the tool straight out of the box… but I found a way to fix it. That’s what counts, right? This series will go into the different ways I’ve broken the tool and the steps I took to fix it. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • “No, I don’t want to pay for your consulting services but there’s no documentation!”
  • “None of the conversion tags fit my business requirements”
  • “Ugh, AJAX.”
  • “Click conversions aren’t working…”
  • “I can’t set the damn selection scope properly!”

So look forward to those in the coming weeks/months. Should be fun.

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