What, Like I’m Supposed to Post Something?

Wow, what a hiatus! 1 year. Let’s take a look at this year in review.

  • New job
  • New city
  • New state
  • New website

I’m out of news.

Let’s pick things back up but not quite where we left off. I plan on elevating this guy to 15,000 feet. Since I’m no longer in consulting, I don’t have as many quirky one-off Google Analytics tidbits. That got a bit mundane anyways. Working on the client side and building an analytics team from the ground up has revealed a completely new angle I hadn’t yet explored in my career… operations management. An analytics department is a product – and building a product isn’t easy. It’s especially difficult when it’s new to your company. To add sprinkles to this headache cupcake (cupcache?), we’re finally getting serious about transitioning a catalog company to the online space. I haven’t seen many analysts post about this topic, so hopefully this will be new blogging territory. If not, oh well.

See you soon! I hope.

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