Adobe Target Standard Goal Considerations

When you create goals in an A/B test, goals are an important consideration. It’s important to understand whether someone who completes a goal can do so multiple times in one session or lifetime. Let’s cut right to the chase – it isn’t clear in Adobe Target Standard whether a goal can be completed once or multiple times in a session. I’ll make it easy for you:

Revenue-Based Goals: No. These are tied to the order number in your mbox. You can refresh the page, but it will see that your transaction ID is the same so the order will not be recorded twice.

Non-Revenue-Based Goals: Yes. Any click, pageview, or other action that is being tracked that isn’t part of your revenue mbox can be processed twice within a session.

This is not a bug, but instead a consideration you need to make when you set up your goals in Target Standard. While it’s kind of inconvenient for 80% of goal tracking cases, one may theoretically want to track multiple attributions to one goal in a single session. To make these goals session-based you may want to consider setting a session-based cookie that flags the user as having converted. It would fire immediately after your mbox triggers. If you’re using DTM to execute your mbox code, create and set a Data Element to restrict the rule from firing when the user has completed the goal. If you need help setting a Data Element with JavaScript, see the DTM Cheat Sheet (hint: see _satellite.setVar).

Hope this helps!

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