Tagtician enters the automated analytics QA space

The Tagtician team and I are proud to announce our newest product – automated analytics QA. More specifically, automated QA for Adobe’s Dynamic Tag Manager (and Adobe Launch). Thousands of you use our DTM Cheat Sheet and the very first DTM Chrome extension debugger. We built those tools to solve problems we personally encounter on a daily basis. We built them with user experience in the front seat. We’ve just changed the way you will use DTM (yet again) by building an automated analytics QA tool. We specifically designed it to actually be used by analytics practitioners.

Server calls aren’t what cause data loss

The majority of the time, it’s a site change or a rule error. Your marketing pixels likely have an SLA guaranteeing 99.9% uptime. The IT team has their own set of tools to monitor 404’s, page load timing, and JavaScript errors. The SEO team has tools to give them automated tips about changes they should make on each page. As an analyst, it doesn’t mean much to see each individual server call on each page. Tagtician automatically imports your entire DTM library out of the gate and specifically validates your rules.

Automated QA should save time

One of the biggest challenges we wanted to tackle was addressing the overhead that other automated QA tools require just to maintain them. It shouldn’t require a team to maintain your QA tool. At some point you’re losing more time and money on a tool than you would if you didn’t have it in the first place. We get that accurate data is important, but the cost of precision is often too high. That’s why Tagtician automatically seeks and tests your Event Based Rules. That’s right, no more micromanaging simulations each time there’s a site or rule change. When Tagtician detects an anomaly, it will alert you to exactly what and where the problem is so you can fix it without having to search through hundreds of rules.

Let me prove it

Okay… so you’ll save time, you’ll be QA’ing actual rules instead of server calls, and you won’t be paying for the salaries of an army of salespeople. To borrow a line from Optimizely – we’ll be the tool that you’ll actually use. Schedule a demo and I’ll personally show you how it works.

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