What’s the best way to learn web analytics?

This was actually a question that was asked while I was guest lecturing at a local university. This is the answer I gave: “Build a website.”

That’s all. Thanks, hope you enjoyed this article.


Kidding. Really, though. Build a website. Why? Well, it’s quite simple:

  1. You will know what it takes to build the stuff that you measure
  2. You will know how to properly implement and QA tags
  3. You can communicate better to developers
  4. Your peers probably don’t know how

Do you need any more reasons? You don’t know how? There are plenty of resources out there to help you – most of which can explain everything better than I can. When you have your first website up-and-running, tag the shit out of it! There’s no better way to jump into the industry than being at least somewhat fluent in HTML, CSS, or even JavaScript/jQuery. Beyond that, you’ll understand what is important to tag and what isn’t. You’ll begin to actually care about what pages your site traffic visits, which will help guide a productive thought process (“Why is this page important? What do I want my users to do on my website?”). So if you want to get into the industry – start there.

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