Transition from Adobe DTM to Adobe Launch with Tagtician

The transition to Adobe Launch from Adobe DTM promises to be simple and painless. You don’t have to update your header/footer code and it will preserve the fundamentals you grew to love in DTM in some way, shape, or form. There will undoubtedly be automated tools that help with that process making it completely seamless. Adobe DTM is known for making implementation easy and accessible. That said, it isn’t responsible to blindly trust that everything was imported from DTM to Launch with 100% precision.

We all know it’s easy to mess up rules. I’ve done it countless times. I’ll target an element that’s on more pages than I expected or add a custom condition that only sometimes works. We’ve all been there. The migration to Adobe Launch reintroduces some of those risks. The tool will change and it’s not worth risking a total disaster when you can leverage Tagtician to ensure your migration proceeds as expected.

Tagtician Dashboard


The Tagtician Advantage

Our customers will boast a unique advantage when Adobe Launch is finally released because they have a tool that knows their rule library. Our crawler knows what rules to look for and where to find them. When they’re ready to transition to Adobe Launch, our customers get the confidence that the transition was successful without having to touch a thing. That’s being proactive.

How it works

  1. Provide a URL to scan (like
  2. Press the “Scan” button
  3. Tagtician’s smart crawler scans the site to seek out rules (even Event Based Rules)

Done. That’s it. When the scan is finished you have a full report of what rules were found and on what pages. From there, analyze the results and discover rules that might appear where you don’t expect them to. If you’re a completionist, you can provide extra URLs our crawler might have missed to fill in gaps. Every subsequent scan will then compare the data against that first scan (unless you tell it otherwise). Tagtician now also validates data layers. 

This is a tool specifically built for the Adobe Launch transition and maintenance. Furthermore, we know how to keep prices competitive because our “salespeople” are practitioners. We built and priced Tagtician to allow immediate activation without all the legal red tape. Seeing is believing. Let’s talk about how Tagtician can help secure your Adobe Launch transition with a demo.

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