Neat! My website has a trend!

So I’ve run novelty websites before that have gotten way more traffic than this, but for my personal site I’m pretty pumped to see that there is actually a visible (predictable) traffic trend!

site trend

Not just that, but most of them speak English – so hopefully most of them aren’t robots!


Some of the most popular articles are:

Anyways, thanks for reading! I hope this content is useful!

2 thoughts on “Neat! My website has a trend!”

  1. I love the enthusiasm – I feel exactly the same when anyone visits my personal blog! Not that it happens very often as I have no time to build authority – I just publish and share on facebook. One day maybe I will also reach the heady heights of a website trend too!

    On another note, love your posts about DTM. Saw your post about tracking cross-domain – have you ever had any trouble tracking cross subdomain with Universal Analytics implemented via DTM?



    • Hey Liz – Thanks so much! I’ve actually not had any cross-subdomain issues. That should actually be baked into the default implementation of Universal Analytics. Are you still getting self-referrals? There’s a chance users may be coming from a page that doesn’t have tracking implemented. The only other thing that could be causing that (off the top of my head) is you’re manually setting the cookie domain name. That’s pretty unlikely, though.


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