Tagtician and 33 Sticks join forces

So if you read my blog you’ve certainly seen that I’ve been busy working on this project called Tagtician. This is pretty closely related to that extension thing I mentioned a while back. Well, I’m proud to say it’s actually a thing. It’s SUCH a thing that I’ve partnered with my friends over at 33 Sticks to make it a BETTER thing! I don’t want to spoil everything here so check out the press release on the 33 Sticks blog and check out tagtician.com for more information. We’re looking forward to getting this in your hands – and if you signed up months ago and haven’t heard anything, I promise we haven’t forgotten about you!

There’s more good news. I will be posting more content… now that there’s a good reason to. I want you all to be our advocates and help us build something that helps you do your job better. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I might have been quiet on my blog over the past year but I love to talk.

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