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It has been a wild few weeks. We publicly released our beta about 2 weeks ago and have gotten some fantastic feedback – some simple and some more challenging. I’ve personally thanked everyone who has given feedback so far, but want to extend a thanks to those who are still actively using the tool. We’ve taken many steps to resolve any issues you may have encountered when using the tool. I’m happy to say we’re at a pretty stable point. For those hold-outs who disabled Tagtician because it was behaving funky – give it another shot and let us know if something still looks off. This is an actual beta, not one of those “here’s a full release but we’re going to call it a beta” type of things. If you aren’t already using Tagtician as your tag management companion, then you’re crazy let us know what we’re missing. I respond to every suggestion, criticism, and love letter.

Let’s talk about exporting. I’ve been waiting for this feature for SO long… so I built it. As of today (v0.84), you can export your entire DTM library to CSV. We even have a video explaining exactly how it works. I want to start with the first question we ask ourselves before we release a feature. Why would someone want to export their DTM library?

As a consultant, I want to…

  • Get a quick snapshot of my new client’s implementation
  • Quickly determine the scale of an implementation
  • Make notes
  • Send tangible documentation to colleagues
  • Store the current state of an implementation

As an analyst, I want to…

  • Own a local copy of my entire implementation (like an SDR)
  • Have the flexibility to switch tag management systems
  • Reference rules on-the-fly
  • Make notes and do the stuff the consultant wants to do…

Think of this as an insurance plan for your implementation. Alright, so what does it look like? Clicking on the button below will trigger the CSV download of all of the rules (or Data Elements) you see on the screen:

Export Rules Button

When you open the file, this is what it looks like:

Rule Export Template

We still have some formatting work to do… and it could probably use information like site name. However, we think this is a sufficient starting point. We hope you love it! If you don’t already have it installed, grab Tagtician off of the Chrome store.

8 thoughts on “Export DTM Rules with Tagtician”

  1. Hi Jim
    Love this tool already, it’s just what we’ve been looking for =). Is there any chance of an option for Tagtician to look for custom implementation of the DTM header and footer script? For example, our header tag is standard, but our footer has been adapted (by our Devs) to only show when a particular quote and buy journey is present. Because our devs have tweaked the code Tagtician thinks DTM isn’t present – but it is! If there was an option for me to paste in the code we used as the header or footer then that would be awesome!
    Thanks, Rik

    • Thanks for the feedback, Rik! I’d love to do that. Did you change the physical object name to something other than _satellite? I think I may have an idea of how to approach it.

  2. Hi Jim, long time fan of Tagtician but wanted to find out how it will continue to support AEP and adobes shift to webSDK/edge servers? One thing I notice when using it is that for each rule it’s counting it multiple times in the library export…still works to show me which rules are firing on the page and the useful search feature. Any future plans to improve it. It’s the ultimate Swiss Army knife and has been amazing thx again!

    • Hey Michael! I appreciate your support. Tagtician updates are on a bit of a hiatus, at the moment. I stopped after having my second kid who has taken up all of my time. I hope to get back to it and finish refactoring its code. However, I don’t have a timeline commitment, unfortunately.


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