Get Comfortable with Change

Ever get that sinking feeling in your gut? You know what I’m talking about… the one you get when you told your client to tag a site one way but then a few weeks later figured out a better way to do it. Do I tell them? Do I keep it to myself? In the past I’m guilty of keeping it to myself. It’s a pride thing! Let’s face it – no one likes to feel like they were wrong.

When you think about it… my tags aren’t THAT wrong. They’re pretty decent but could be better.

Yeah, yeah. Alright, we get it. Now you have the uncomfortable decision to determine whether you go back to your client and tell them to change or you just deal with it. Here’s the reality of the situation: there’s always a better way and you need to get comfortable with change. There’s a perceived precedent that was set way back in the day when tags were all in-line that infused the idea that we should spend loads of time on the front-end to architect the “perfect” tagging structure/hierarchy.

It’s 2015, though. We’re in an age with continuous development and deployment. Most of us use AGILE and operate under the ideology of incremental improvement. Let’s adopt that mentality with our tagging implementation. As analysts with tag management systems at our fingertips we CAN embrace change. When we figure out a better way to tag something let’s implement it. We’re out of excuses so let’s redefine what it means to tag the right way.

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