DTM Tagtics

You get that play on words? TAGtics? Like… tagging tactics? So we’ve had DTM for a while and I think it’s time we have a heart-to-heart. I think it’s time you tag your site differently. DTM was created with the intent that you would create your tags based on user behavior. Why would you want to do that? […]

Tagtician and 33 Sticks join forces

So if you read my blog you’ve certainly seen that I’ve been busy working on this project called Tagtician. This is pretty closely related to that extension thing I mentioned a while back. Well, I’m proud to say it’s actually a thing. It’s SUCH a thing that I’ve partnered with my friends over at 33 Sticks […]

We’re about to change the way you use DTM

While the blog has been quiet, I’ve been pretty busy over the past few months. I want to introduce you all to Tagtician – the product that will completely change the way you interact with Dynamic Tag Manager. We’re a little over a month from our product’s beta and would love to have some willing participants who […]