Adobe Target Standard Observation

So for some reason we’re still using Adobe Target Standard. Every time I use the tool it seems like so much of the vision of the tool is almost complete. It really tells a story of the tool – and this may be completely wrong. When developing SaaS it’s important to be really good at one thing. […]

Adobe Target Standard Goal Considerations

When you create goals in an A/B test, goals are an important consideration. It’s important to understand whether someone who completes a goal can do so multiple times in one session or lifetime. Let’s cut right to the chase – it isn’t clear in Adobe Target Standard whether a goal can be completed once or multiple times in […]

Adobe Target Standard vs. Optimizely

When shopping around for an A/B testing tool, I was searching for some key terms “Optimizely compared with…” or “Visual Website Optimizer vs….” – as a current Target Standard customer, it would have been nice to have had a guide that pits Target Standard against… well… anything. So without further adieu, Target Standard vs. Optimizely Optimizely I consider […]

Setting Click Goals in Adobe Target Standard

Currently Adobe Target Standard only recognizes click goals if it is using an HTML anchor tag. While this works for some cases it certainly does not work for every case (or most cases, if you’re me). If you’re able to click on the anchor tag to set the goal – great, this article isn’t for you. […]

Setting Custom Goals in Target Standard

Today we’ll talk about setting up custom page load goals in Adobe Target Standard without limiting yourself to the out-of-the-box functionality. The problem I was having was that sometimes a page will load and the URL will persist. Sometimes it’s through AJAX or other times it just by nature (set by cookie, for instance). I needed […]