Do Everything Twice… At Least.

This title sounds a little sensationalist. Before I jump into it – I want to deescalate the title. Don’t do LITERALLY everything twice. Do things you CARE about twice (that’s what she said). Since working on my independent project (a web app), I’ve found that every decision I have made I’ve had to go back and […]

What’s the best way to learn web analytics?

This was actually a question that was asked while I was guest lecturing at a local university. This is the answer I gave: “Build a website.” That’s all. Thanks, hope you enjoyed this article.   Kidding. Really, though. Build a website. Why? Well, it’s quite simple: You will know what it takes to build the stuff that you […]

Quick ‘n Dirty Google Analytics Debugging Session

Mastering the technical side of web analytics can be pretty daunting – especially given most web analysts rely on developers for implementation, debugging, and sometimes general QA. For those analysts, it would be great to have a short guide that helps debug some common issues. “My bounce rate increased to close to 100%!” This one can be […]