Adobe Target Standard Observation

So for some reason we’re still using Adobe Target Standard. Every time I use the tool it seems like so much of the vision of the tool is almost complete. It really tells a story of the tool – and this may be completely wrong. When developing SaaS it’s important to be really good at one thing. […]

Neat! My website has a trend!

So I’ve run novelty websites before that have gotten way more traffic than this, but for my personal site I’m pretty pumped to see that there is actually a visible (predictable) traffic trend! Not just that, but most of them speak English – so hopefully most of them aren’t robots! Some of the most popular articles […]

Building Personas on Adobe DTM

So Tealium has this thing called AudienceStream – it’s a really neat tool that helps you build personas and deliver custom content to those personas. It’s incredibly slick and actually looks/behaves like a feature proposal I brought to the DTM (then Satellite) team 2 years ago. 2 years later it isn’t there and we have to work […]

Working on a Big-Ass Project

Sorry my content has been pretty sparse lately. I’m working on a big-ass personal project that is demanding my thought cycles. I’ll have much more to post once we move into beta.