Adobe Target Standard Goal Considerations

When you create goals in an A/B test, goals are an important consideration. It’s important to understand whether someone who completes a goal can do so multiple times in one session or lifetime. Let’s cut right to the chase – it isn’t clear in Adobe Target Standard whether a goal can be completed once or multiple times in […]

Dynamic Tag Manager (DTM) Cheat Sheet

I’ve had a cheat sheet laying around for a while that includes a lot of helpful tips/tricks for Adobe’s Dynamic Tag Manager – formerly known as Satellite. If you would like to download a PDF of the old cheat sheet, click the link below (it’s almost 2 years old now). I won’t even make you […]

Building a Chrome Extension for DTM

2 years ago I asked for a way to export all of my tags into a nice, neat .csv where I can browse my tag library without having to individually go from rule-to-rule. Well, I finally got fed up with waiting and now I’m building one. So far I’m able to spit out a list of […]