Analysis Begins With Implementation

Analysis begins with your implementation. I’m not talking about making sure your data is being collected properly. Let’s assume it is. What I am saying is if you aren’t thinking about how your traffic MIGHT behave during your implementation, you are missing out on an entire new (deeper) level of analysis. Think beyond click tags. […]

(Not Provided) Keyword Is Reaching Critical Mass!

Really, Google? It was already the #1 keyword in all of my keyword reports. Now you’re saying it’s going to GROW?! Can we at least talk about this? Maybe negotiate a little? No? Okay, well forget you. I’ll figure out my own way to get around this issue. Let’s outline the problem we want to […]

The Latest Google Analytics Changes

Sometimes I’m using Google Analytics and every time I reload the page… the interface changes. Google has now merged what was the “Home” dashboards (Real-Time, Intelligence Events, etc) into what was the “Standard Reports”… or is that vice versa? So everything is consolidated, which makes total sense now. Why should the Dashboards, Real-Time, and Intelligence […]

Guest Post: How Social Media Impacts Website Conversion Rates

Hey everyone – This post was written by Neil Shapiro. I worked with him on an Analysis Exchange project for Childspring International. He volunteered to write a guest post about social media that offers an interesting perspective on conversion measurement: First came Web Analytics – and the end of the day it is all about […]

Troubleshooting Inflated Visits & Bounce Rate in Google Analytics

Alright, I don’t intend on making this a regular column – but sometimes I run into an issue that takes a bit of troubleshooting. This is one of those issues. Seeing an unusual spike in traffic in Google Analytics? Bounce rate skyrocketing? It might not be a traffic quality issue! Check your implementation. Follow this […]